Entry #1

Welcome to my world

2015-07-30 22:04:08 by Zombieapple224

I only recently started posting art here and was even more recently scouted. I have a lot of artwork I want to share and even more on the way. I'm going to post as much as I have at a time. I do a wide range of artwork and I like to explore different mediums. You'll also see a lot of different characters. Expect to see a lot of jumping around in subjects and styles.


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2015-07-30 23:03:00

Can't wait.


2015-07-31 00:35:55

ohh this is great news, is there anything specifically that you're looking to create or start making that you haven't done before? just curious lol


2015-08-06 18:14:17

hey dude ┬┐can you make a art of my avatar please c: ?