Commissions Now Open!

2016-04-23 18:50:04 by Zombieapple224

Well folks, I figured out some standardized commission prices and here they are! As of right now, my desktop computer is down for the count due to one mean a$$ computer virus so my computer work is limited to my laptop for the time being. It can't run cg programs or animation software though. So until my desktop is fixed, there won't be any CG art commissions open. These commissions will work with a “pay half now, pay the rest after it's done” system. If you would like a commission please send me a message of which kind of picture you want and what you would like in it with references.

Sketches: pencil line art with no color or ink.
Inked: inked line art with no color.
Color: fully inked and colored art.



[Images at avatar icon size]


-Sketch: $0.60

-Inked: $1.20

-Color: $1.80



[Characters done in my cartoon or chibi style]


Sketch: $3.00

-Inked: $6.00

-Color: $9.00


Action character

[Characters done in a more realistic or comic book style]


-Sketch: $4.00

-Inked: $8.00

-Color: $10.80


Comic Strip

[3-4 panel comic done in either cartoon or comic style]


-Sketch: $9.00

-Inked: $18.00

-Color: $27.00


You can add these to cartoony, action or comic strip commissions:

-additional character: +$7.00

-Simple background: +$5.00

-Detailed background +$11.00


Here's a special commission where I can do a Roger Rabbit picture effect. (ie. Make it look like a drawn character is in the real world) you can add this onto either a cartoony or action character commission. Just message me and I'll tell you how it works.

-Roger Rabbit effect with character/s: +$3 to color price



[3D character art done with Maya and/or Mudbox]


-Just a character w/transparent background and per character: $102

-Character and setting: $129

-non human characters with extra parts that require rigging (animal ears, tails, extra arms etc): +$5 per part.



Here's da rules:

-I won't start working until I receive first payment.

-You will not receive the final image until I receive the final payment.

-Some prices may be negotiable if the design you're looking for is simpler.


Here's a list of what I will do, what I won't do and what I'm unable to do :P


Will Do Buckaroo:



-pinups (nonude)


-sci-fi (robots, aliens etc)

-fantasy characters



-porn and nudity


No Way Blue Jay:

-scat or urine







No I can't... I... I just can't


-full pixel art (sprites are okay)

-painting (maybe when I get better :P)


-comic books (not enough time)


Payments options I accept:


-google wallet

-gold bricks

-goat souls


If you have any other questions like other work you might like me to do, what my pricing is based on or what my shoe size is feel free to shoot me a message!


Later taters

and have a sassy day.


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