It's Spook Time Mother Shuckers

2016-10-02 20:26:10 by Zombieapple224

Do ya'll feel that?

That feeling that you're getting warmer as it's getting colder. the whole world is turning orange. The strong desire for candy and cotton webbing. You're eager to smell latex and spray paint. Oh yeah guys, it's FALL. 
Specifically, it's getting close to Halloween. For this year I'm whipping up a special little art project for the 13 days of Halloween. For the 13 days up to and including Halloween, I will be posting some spooky cuties. That is, I'll be doing some pictures of cute spook girls covering all your typical and not so typical Halloween monsters! Today I start the sketches, and pretty soon, they'll be slithering and crawling their way onto your screens. Or should I say: SCREAMS (god have mercy on me). More updates to come!


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